Good citizen feeds Hungry children in Delta state(photos)

This is what bad governance is causing, hardship and hunger every where in the country, the rich becoming richer and the poor going down to their graves.

In recent times, many children are seen roaming the streets and begging people for money so they can feed themselves and not starve to death. Such was the case of this little boy who stepped out of his home in search of food. He was so fortunate that he came across a good Samaritan who did not only bought food for him but also for the rest of the children in his house. Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, on Wednesday, August 9, posted pictures of little children who have nothing but went begging on the streets before they can eat.

Harrison also added that the children were not only hungry but looking malnourished with no proper clothes or history of medical checkups.

His post reads: “MALNOURISHED DELTA CHILDREN SLEEP WITH EMPTY STOMACH. I don’t know what made him stop me. Little Sunday saw me this morning and said “Uncle am hungry. Give me food. Little Sunday is not only hungry but malnourished and needs urgent medical attention. I took Sunday to where he stays and i saw four other children who sleep with empty stomach. No food, no clothes. They are suffering. What is the future of these children? In this situation they can start stealing and when they grow up, policy can’t control them.

Good Samaritan shares heartbreaking story about hungry kids in Delta state (photos)

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