Usher plans to sue for defamation

singer, Usher, remains in the news for allegedly exposing some persons to herpes simplex virus through sexual contact.

However, reports suggest the R&B singer tested negative and is now planning to sue those who have made claims against him.

It is reported that a source close to the singer also said Usher did not pay his former babysitter and celebrity stylist, Maya Fox-Davis $1.1m as previously reported.

The source added that the court documents shown are not facts, but mere accusations.

And according to Sandra Rose, another source said that Usher hasn’t addressed the case because he has a plan to file a defamation case against the accusers and their attorney, Lisa Bloom.

Usher is also said to be in the studio recording his next album.Maybe after recording his songs, we will hear from his legal team.Usher

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