I was so Broke that i use to walk from circle to Dansoman – Ghanaian artist(Trigmatic)

The road to fame is not always a sweet one, it comes with too much agony and hard time.

A lot of people who eventually make it have their own rag to riches story and Trigmatic is no different.

The singer has revealed that at a point in his career things were so bleak that he used to walk great distances simply due to being broke.

“I’ve gone hungry, there were times where I’ve walked from Trust towers to Circle, from Circle to Dansoman; and I do that every Saturday. There have been times you have to eat what you are not supposed to eat”. Trigmatic said.

He revealed that the hardships of those moments actually helped him make it as his breakout ‘Nobody Knows Tomorrow’ (My Life) was written due to his frustration at the time.

“I have been broke. It was in the phase where you heard songs like Nobody Knows Tomorrow. I wrote that song when I was underground and nothing was really happening.” he revealed.

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