Gulder Ultimate Search Winner, Cannon Otto, Released by Kidnappers After 7Days

Early hours of Friday , Otto Orondaam  announce that is brother Canon Otto ha been released after seven days of kidnap by unknown gunmen

According to Orondaam, Canon was abducted by unknown gunmen on Emuoha Road, Port Harcourt, while he was returning from a trip to Lagos for an event.

He lamented that the past seven days have been the toughest and scariest days for him and his family, adding that he was the first person contacted when Canon was kidnapped because his was the only number he (Canon) could remember.

“But because we serve a Great God who governs, protects and oversees the earth, because He answers us when we call on Him, my brother was released last night unhurt and without a scratch after 7 days,” he revealed.

In his word:

But, Orondaam did not reveal whether any amount of money was paid to the abductors before his brother was freed.

We can’t help but wonder: Was Canon Otto released by his unknown kidnappers for free? Or was he released miraculously as a result of prayers of family and friends?

We do not know. In Nigeria, it appears it’s a taboo for the families of the kidnapped to reveal the amount paid to the kidnappers before they secure the release of their  loved one.

In recent times, there have been many kidnap cases in Nigeria, even after the arrest of the notorious kidnapper identified as Evans. For example, in Lagos, we reported a related story in our earlier when the daughter of an APC aspiring councillor was kidnapped and released by her abductors. The differece being she was reportedly unconscious when found in thr Mushin area of Lagos.

However, we celebrate with Orondaam and his family for the safe release of the kidnapped, Canon.

No price is after all too great to pay for life.

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