“Area Daddy ” Charley Boy shares the half N*de photo of her Daughter

This is one of the disadvantage of social media, sharing shameful and meaningless stuff one line in the name of living good liv

Area Fada, as he is fondly called, does not seem to have a problem sampling his daughter’s bare body on social media for the world to see. As a matter of fact, the music icon derives a huge degree of pride from baring the girl’s chocolate skin on a public zone. As indecent as you may see that to be, many Nigerians loved it!!! One even remarked saying;

“My God!!! She is in great shape!!! Nothing sexier than a black woman who exercises regularly, who refuses to wage chemical warfare on her hair to try and straighten it, who is confident enough to cut her hair short, and bold enough to refuse to wear a frigging wig. Charlie Boy brought his girl up with the right mentality that is free from mental slavery.”

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