Rapper the kidd creole reportedly arrested for murder in New york city

Rapper kid creole – One of the founding member of the legendary hip-hop group , Grandmaster Flash and furious 5- has been charged with

murder for the stabbing of a homeless man in midtown.

He was arrested at his home in Mt. Hope on wednesday after allegedly killing the unidentified individual on Tuesday night.

He had gotten into a shouting with the 55-year-old man at the corner of E.44th and Third Avenue before the stabbing

occurred. the sources said.

After the incedent, Glover apparently fled and left the victim bleeding on the side walk. Cops later found him and thought

he was drunk, but the saw the stab wound and rushed him to Bellevue Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Source said Glover works in the area of midtown where the murder occurred as a maintenance man  man and security




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