Nigeria to prepare for 410 million population by 2050 or face revolution – jeffrey Herbst

The president/CEO of NEWSEUM, has urge Nigeria to take concrete steps towards ensuring that it’s youths are gainfully employed.

He predicted that Nigeria’s population will hit 410 million by 2050,urging that now is the time to formulate policies that will

accommodate the explosion in number of citizens

He spoke in Lagos at the launch of “making African work” a book he co-authored.Other authors are former president

Olusegun Obasnja, who was also in attendance,Director of the Brenthurst Foundation, Dr Greg Mills and Maj.Gen.

(rtd) Dickie Davis.

In his speech,Herbst said Nigeria will hit 410 million population by is no longer in doubt,it will happen.

An explosion of numbers of youth is not what you relax about. We all recall what happen in Tunisia,Egypt, the youth

took over, effected revolution and made demands. Their activism led to change of government

The same thing may happen to Nigeria if the leaders do not adequately prepare for increase in size of the

population. The country is already 185 million polpulation.

Nigeria and other African countries must have laid out policies, public system that works, an efficient tax

system that makes revenue, legislation that boost growth.

Nigeria must also invest in infrastructures massively now before the population doubles.Zambia, a few years

back made history when it become the first country to have 50% of it’s population in the urban area






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