Armed robbers raided our neighborhood for three hours – Isolo Residents cry out


The residents of Alaba street, victoria street and bariyu, the three major areas of isolo went to bed on monday 31st july as usual with no inkling of what was pending. At about 2 am robbers arrived in their neighborhood. These men with pump action riffle moved from house to house stripping cars and every gadget they can find. From brain boxes to head light and other car parts, they carted away everything they could lay their hand on.

The operation was professionally carried out as most residents did not know what was happening until the following day.The few people who woke up during the operation testified that the criminal came in with fire arms and threatened to shoot anyone who attempt to stop them.

A young man said that he heard noises around his car and thought it was his neighbor, on coming out, he met two men with riffles and they ordered him back to his flat and told him to keep quit if he want to live. Other resident said they called the police numbers they had when they notice strange movements, but as at 8 am  this morning, no police man had showed up.As a matter of fact, a street called victoria street  was just 5 minute walk from aswani police station woke up to find their street security men tied head and foot. The robbers had tied them before descending on cars on the street

Further investigation revealed that other areas close to the 3 streets had similar encounter and perhaps this robbers are moving gradually looting from street to street

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